Anna Maria Kochanska

Public Speaker, Digital Nomad and Remote Work Consultant


Public Speaking

In my talks I share lessons learned from working remotely and travelling the world full time since 2017.

- How to connect Nomads with Locals

- How to have Positive Impact as a Nomad

- How to build attractive Nomad Destinations

- Remote Work skills

Future of Work

I help individuals and organizations adopt remote work. Remote work skills.

On a smaller scale remote work skills are about productivity and efficiency. I help people with most important skills: remote communication, adaptability, organization, time management, self motivation, setting boundaries, cross cultural literacy etc.

But I think that on a bigger picture sustainable remote work is about having a good work life balance where our social life and health play equally important role.


Coaching people on how to become digital nomads.

Remote job, freelancing or your own business?

Where are the nomad shotspot and how to choose a suitable destination.

Life design and best practices for new nomads.


For organizations and local businesses consulting on how to attract nomads and adapt their offer for this new tourism niche.

Nomads stay longer than tourists and it is necessary to customize the accomodations offers, experiences and serve as a bridge to connect them with locals.

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